Hemma i garaget


Det är inte bara jag som har fotas på sistone – för ett par veckor sen skickade motorcykelsajten Chop Cult hit en fotograf för att dokumentera Pauls hojar, och nu ligger det ett litet bildreportage uppe här.

Älskar de här bilderna, och tycker att fotografen skrev så fint om Paul (och mig, eftersom jag fick vara med på ett hörn också):

“The Tecates are cold, the sun is shining, and bikes are being worked on. I must be at Paul Skura’s house in San Diego, California. There are no less than four bikes in various stages of builds and a hot rod in the driveway.

Not only does Paul have some cool bikes, but he turns out to be a genuinely all-around nice guy. Let’s face it – there are some pretentious people in motorcycling. What I find in Paul Skura is a down to earth dude, who is a machinist by trade, loves to hang out with friends, builds choppers and just enjoys life with his cool girlfriend, Sanna. Speaking of Sanna; she is building her own Ironhead chopper with Paul. The goal is to have it road-ready for Born Free 8.”

(Text och foton av Jeff Lisowski)



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